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Why Us?

Perhaps the most important thing that encourages businessmen to choose Ruento Group more than other companies, is that we offer them the best quality products in the market, we guarantee that the paper work is done perfectly with no tolerance to any mistakes or financial loss, in addition to that we offer fast, secure and cheap shipping. We also offer the best prices that will be directly taken from the suppliers or factories. Our company also has fast handling, stronger interest, and instant professional communication which all businessmen and companies need. We also give the customer a feel of security while working with us rather than working directly with the factories.


We are a company with a history that started a long time ago in Syria, and due to the war in 2014 Ruento Group (Nizar İnşaat formerly) was founded by Mr. Nizar Hamza and Mr. Abdulrahman Hamza in Istanbul, the company's main field was in construction and contracting, after a huge success in the field of contracting ,in June of 2020, Mr. Emre Altınbaş invested in the company and became a partner thus adding two new sectors of work to the company which are Real Estate Brokerage and Building Materials Supplying & Trade. Today Ruento Group is one of the most successful and respected companies in the building materials trade field in Turkey. We supplied huge companies in the Arab Golf countries, Iraq, Tunis and other countries in the world with their exact needs for the best prices.

Mission & Vision

Ruento Group specializes in exporting building and construction materials of all kinds (AtoZ) from Turkey to all parts of the world whether the goods are of its production, manufactured for it, or other ready goods, the company is well known by its high professionalism, efficiency, as well as credibility in its business. Our main mission is to make a businessman's or a company's life easier and safer. Our mission is giving our clients a bold, safe and profitable trades with authority.


Through our practical experience in the Turkish markets and Turkey's centralized location in the Middle East, in addition to our extensive contact with large segments of businessmen, we as Ruento Group team aim to make the world a better place and easier to live in, especially for construction companies and businessmen. We are eager to grant our services to our clients to give them a safe experience that will be profitable due to the prices and fast shipping we provide. We also will surely keep our clients fully informed about the Turkish markets and their hidden treasures and real opportunities. It is known that Turkey competes greater in the largest global markets in the fields of production, and manufacturing, and the prices as well, but the Turkish market has not yet been fully discovered yet. Our main goal is to create a system that connects Turkey and Turkish factories to the world, while making sure every step goes as planned while supplying building materials products even if it is a grain of sand ! We guarantee a confident and safe trade for every client who works with us!